HTML Entity Decode

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HTML Entity Decode

HTML Entity Decoder is a useful tool that allows you to convert HTML Entities to HTML. HTML Entities are safe to be sent over the internet and stored in a database. You should never send HTML over the internet unless it's a trusted source. Paste in your HTML Entities and Click on the Button to convert to HTML.


  1. What is HTML Entity Decoding?
    HTML Entity Decoding is the process of converting encoded special characters in HTML code back into their original form.
  2. Why is HTML Entity Decoding important?
    HTML Entity Decoding is important because it allows you to view and work with HTML code in its original form, making it easier to read and edit.
  3. What kind of characters are decoded in HTML Entity Decoding?
    HTML Entity Decoding decodes special characters that were previously encoded using HTML Entity Encoding, such as <, >, &, ', and ".
  4. How does HTML Entity Decoding work?
    HTML Entity Decoding works by converting the encoded characters back into their original form using a mapping of entity names or entity numbers.
  5. Is HTML Entity Decoding required for all HTML code?
    HTML Entity Decoding is not required for all HTML code, but it can be helpful when working with encoded HTML code or debugging issues in your HTML code.

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