HTML Tags Stripper

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HTML Tags Stripper

HTML Tags Stripper is a useful tool that allows you to get rid of any HTML tags within a document. Paste your document in the text area and click on the button to strip the HTML tags.


  1. What is HTML Tag Stripping?
    HTML Tag Stripping is the process of removing HTML tags from a piece of HTML code.
  2. Why is HTML Tag Stripping important?
    HTML Tag Stripping is important for cleaning up and simplifying HTML code, as well as for removing unwanted or unnecessary tags.
  3. What kind of HTML tags can be stripped?
    HTML Tag Stripping can remove any HTML tag, including opening and closing tags and attributes.
  4. How does HTML Tag Stripping work?
    HTML Tag Stripping works by using regular expressions or string manipulation functions to identify and remove HTML tags from a piece of HTML code.
  5. Are there any tools available for HTML Tag Stripping?
    Yes, there are various online tools available for HTML Tag Stripping, as well as programming libraries for various programming languages.

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