URL Encoder

Protect your URL parameters with our free online URL encoder tool. Quickly and easily encode special characters for safe and secure web browsing.

URL Encoder

URL Encoder is a useful tool that allows you to encode your URLs / Links to make them safe for transmission over the internet. URLs can be transferred over the internet only in the ASCII character set. URL Encoder makes sure your URL is safe for transmission.


  1. What is a URL Encoder?
    A URL encoder is a tool or program used to convert special characters in a URL into a format that is safe for use in a web address. It replaces characters that are not allowed in a URL, such as spaces, with their encoded equivalents.
  2. Why do we need to use a URL Encoder?
    URLs have a limited set of characters that can be used, and certain characters, such as spaces, are not allowed. A URL encoder ensures that the characters used in a web address are safe and will not cause any issues when the URL is used in a web browser.
  3. How does a URL Encoder work?
    A URL encoder works by replacing certain characters with their encoded equivalents. For example, a space will be replaced with %20, and a forward slash will be replaced with %2F. This process ensures that the URL can be safely used in a web browser without causing any issues.
  4. What are some common characters that are encoded by a URL Encoder?
    Some common characters that are encoded by a URL encoder include spaces, forward slashes, colons, and ampersands. These characters are not allowed in a URL and must be replaced with their encoded equivalents.
  5. Can I encode a URL manually?
    Yes, it is possible to encode a URL manually by replacing certain characters with their encoded equivalents. However, it is easier and more efficient to use a URL encoder tool or program.

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