URL Unshortener

Uncover the true destination of shortened URLs with our free online URL Unshortener tool. Quickly and easily expand shortened links for safe browsing.

URL Unshortener

URL Unshortener is a useful tool that allows you to Unshorten a URL / Link that has been shortened by URL shortening services. This method will not work for services that have a delay before the original location.


  1. What is a shortened URL?
    A shortened URL is a condensed version of a longer URL that uses a redirect to take the user to the original webpage. These types of URLs are often used for sharing links on social media or for tracking clicks.
  2. Why would you want to Unshorten a URL?
    Unshortening a URL allows you to see the original link destination, which can be useful for verifying the safety and authenticity of a link before clicking on it. It can also reveal any tracking or redirecting that may be taking place.
  3. How does a URL unshortener work?
    A URL Unshortener works by following the redirects of a shortened URL to reveal the original destination. It does this by resolving the shortened link and returning the final, expanded URL.
  4. Are shortened URLs always safe?
    Shortened URLs are not always safe and can sometimes be used to hide malicious or unwanted content behind a seemingly legitimate link. Unshortening a URL can reveal the true destination and help you determine if a link is safe to click on.
  5. How can I Unshorten a URL?
    You can Unshorten a URL by using a free online URL Unshortener tool, such as the one provided on our website. You can also use browser extensions or tools specifically designed for Unshortening links.

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